URGENT ACTION ALERT: Wolf Delisting Public Hearing Announced in Hudson, Wisconsin

If the above image is one you do not want to see become legal in the state of Wisconsin again, please join us in speaking out against federal wolf delisting at the public hearing hosted by Senator Ron Johnson next week in Hudson.

When:  Friday, May 3rd | 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Where: Hudson House Grand Hotel | 1616 Crest View Drive, Hudson, Wisconsin

According to the event invitation, this is intended to be a public meeting (not a rally, roundtable or a hearing) to give people in Northwest Wisconsin the chance to take an active role in the FWS rule making process. It will consist of a short presentation and then opened up for verbal comments.

The event will provide potentially hundreds of interested constituents and government officials on both sides of the current gray wolf delisting debate with an opportunity to share their public comments with US Fish & Wildlife Service officials both verbally and also in writing. Those who attend will be encouraged to clearly state and write their position on the proposed rule making, and to include their reasoning behind it.

If you have not done so already, please submit your official public comment here and make arrangements to attend this public hearing to voice your opposition to the delisting of wolves across the nation.


For more information on how to prepare and submit your public comments online or in person at this public hearing, please join our Live Webinar on Wednesday, May 1st from 7-8 PM where we will go over everything you need to prepare, concluding with an interactive Question & Answer session.

Join Webinar Meeting:

Meeting ID: 906 692 376                                            Password: Wolves

One tap mobile                                                           Dial by your location
+16465588656,,906692376# US (New York)           +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+14086380968,,906692376# US (San Jose)              +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)


Another way you can help is by collecting written public comments from everyone you know who wants to see our wolves remain protected !  Bring all written comments with you to the public hearing OR you can send them by email to info@wiwolvesandwildlife.org or drop them to our mailing address at 117 Ardmore Drive Madison, WI 53713.

As always, thanks for all that you for our wolves ~



11 thoughts on “URGENT ACTION ALERT: Wolf Delisting Public Hearing Announced in Hudson, Wisconsin

  1. There is absolutely no reason to kill these beautiful animals. They are Apex predators and great for the eco system. I sincerely hope you protect these vital creatures. They have every right be on this planet.


    1. The whitetail deer is also a beautiful animal. When wolves move into an area, the deer are pretty much wiped out. When wolves were brought back into Wisconsin we were told there would be a 350 wolf cap. There are now over 1000 wolves in Wisconsin. Areas of deer are being wiped out, livestock is getting killed, our elk herd is hardly growing. What part the need to control the wolf population do you people not understand?


      1. You don’t know what you are talking about Mike. Wolves take out the weak and help keep CWD under control. They DO NOT go into an area and wipe out a whole herd. Your heart is filled with hate and you refuse to open your mind and listen and learn about how important the wolf is to our ecology. Do you even know what that word means? Do you think it’s fair to send dogs in to tr them apart alive or have the dogs torn apart? This is just sick human beings filled with blood lust who can get joy in watching this. Leave the wolves alone. You just want the wolves killed off so you can kill more of those “beautiful whitetail deer” you pretend to care about.

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  2. I don’t understand why people have to kill these beautiful animals leave them alone they’ve been here a long time stop taking over all the land and let them be free.


  3. what these air heads will find out too late is that the wolf does important work for our environment. they are needed!


    You’ll have to chop my head off and poison my green tea with anthrax
    and make me into a martyr for Great Spirit
    before you try to harm my brother wolves!!A
    If you make any attempt to delist our ancient pooches,


  5. Do not delist wolves from federal protection.
    We have seen time and time again how the states “manage” wolves— it’s not nanagement with the species involved or science or even human decency—- it is a torturous extermination of an apex, keystone, essential predator.


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