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✓ BY APRIL 5, 2021 Submit a resolution in your county as we discussed by THIS SUNDAY. Amy Mueller is working closely with Project Coyote and The Humane Society of the United States and is keeping track of resolutions and counties. You can submit anything you’d like but if you would like to use the resolutions we have generated and discussed, please email Click HERE to submit resolutions.

 BY APRIL 7, 2021 – 11:00 AM Register to testify at the Natural Resources Board (NRB) with “your story” about how the wolf hunt impacted you and why you do not believe there should be a fall hunt. To register to speak, please email or call Laurie Ross, Board Liaison, or 608-267-7420. We will post some talking points and have a mock NRB board meeting at our fireside chat. Rewatch the link about storytelling and personalize your message. Remember your audience. If you need help with your story or if have ANY issues registering to testify, please email Melissa Smith at

APRIL 8, 2021 – (11:30 AM – 2:30 PM) The 2021 WOLF HARVEST COMMITTEE MEETING will take place virtually on April 8 at 11:30 AM and will discuss the February 2021 wolf season as well as providing Wolf Monitoring Program updates. Experts will also discuss updates from the Wildlife Conflict Program as the next steps to the Fall 2021 wolf season and the Wolf Management Plan. The public is encouraged to provide input during this meeting. Contact: or 715-499-0010.

Join Zoom online…/eyJhbGc…/s/965715598/br/101433548205-l

Join by phone: 1-312-626-6799  Meeting ID: 894 9256 5323

✓ APRIL 12-15, 2021 – Vote in the Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) Annual Spring hearing here. Do not forget to look at your county’s posted resolutions and vote on those resolutions as well. Consider filling a vacant county seat if you are interested. Please contact with any questions you may have. Some questions are tricky and confusing. If you need help understanding anything, email us at and we can give you our interpretation of the question. We cannot advise you how to vote, we can only provide you an explanation of the question posed.

✓ APRIL 14, 2021 – Natural Resources Board Zoom Meeting. You will have already registered to speak at this meeting. We will be on the entire NRB meeting and usually citizen testimony starts around 10:15. That can change depending on the agenda and how many of us are registered. We can alert you when citizen testimony starts or they call your name, but you need to send us your phone number so we can text you. Laurie Ross will have already emailed you instructions on how to log in, etc. If you are working, remember it’s only 3 minutes!

6.) April 15 – May 15, 2021 – This comment period is open to everyone, even out-of-state residents who have a vested interest in wild wolves. HOWEVER, PLEASE WAIT to submit your comments until we go over this survey in our next Fireside Chat Meeting on April 22nd at 6pm via ZoomQuestions on this survey have been worded to get the results the DNR wants and not necessarily what the public wants. We will go through everything with you, question-by-question, so that you all thoroughly understand and feel prepared to help family and friends participate as well. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR WAITING TO SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS UNTIL WE HAVE HAD A CHANCE TO DISCUSS IT TOGETHER AS AN ORGANIZATION. See you next Thursday !


MARK YOUR CALENDARS – This is a weekly recurring zoom call that will take place every Thursday evening!

Join our weekly fireside chats where you can provide feedback, ask questions, learn more about the latest advocacy updates, meet our team, discuss volunteer opportunities and hear from special expert guests. As always, we are open to any and all of your suggestions. Make sure you follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our website to keep momentum moving forward and be the change you want to see…we look forward to seeing you all there!

Time:  Every Thursday, 6:00 – 7:15 PM (CST)

Join Zoom Meeting:…

Meeting ID: 966 2471 6122
Passcode: 854398


If you were not able to attend live, click here to access video recordings of all previous Fireside Chat meetings!


A letter to the editor (LTE) is an effective way to influence elected officials and educate others. Members of Congress are particularly responsive to letters in their constituents’ local newspapers. There may be no easier way to make a public statement of support for wolves than a writing a letter to the editor.

How to REALLY Connect with Your Elected Officials

In the age of mass-generated emails and petitions, ol’ fashioned snail-mail stands to be most the most tried-and-true method of capturing the attention of your senator or representative. Aside from a scheduled visit, a handwritten letter is one of the best ways to connect to your elected official on a more personal level. Many reps will read every single handwritten letter that crosses their desk and some will even send back a handwritten reply.